Celtic Sea Salt Coarse (Light Grey Celtic) Grinder - 85gms

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  • Celtic Sea Salt Coarse (Light Grey Celtic) Grinder - 85gms

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This Salt Grinder comes filled with Celtic Sea Salt Brand Light Grey Celtic. It's made with high quality recyclable plastic, and each grinder can be refilled at least 5 times. There's no easier, longer-lasting way to make Celtic Sea Salt Brand an integral part of your kitchen!


Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey Celtic is a totally unprocessed, moist salt that is hand harvested from pure clay sole. It's dried by the sun and the wind, retaining the ocean's moisture and locking into coarse salt form a vast array of vital trace minerals. There's no comparison, in taste or authenticity, between mineral-rich Celtic Sea Salt and chemically-treated iodized salts. Try using it in cooking, grilling, or as a tabletop mainstay for adding that rustic gourmet flavor to any dish!