Cacao Powder - Organic Raw Chocolate - 227g



  • Cacao Powder - Organic Raw Chocolate - 227g
  • Cacao Powder - Organic Raw Chocolate - 227g

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Navitas cacao beans are hand selected for quality, partially fermented to alleviate bitterness, and processed at low temperatures for maximum nutrient retention. Once extracted from the pod-like fruit, purified water is used to cleanse the beans. The whole beans are peeled and cold-pressed to from a paste, the bean's oil is extracted, and our nutrient dense cacao powder is formed.

Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, iron and chromium. On one hand raw cacao contains Arginine which helps build muscle and aid in recovery plus it contains Phenylethylamine, an adrenal-related chemical which plays a role in increasing focus and alertness.  Then on the other hand, it also contains the amino acid Tryptophan which enhances relaxation and promotes better sleep.  Raw chocolate is also high in antioxidants having the highest score for the Top 10 Antioxidant Foods.